May 2014

3 Workshops in the fight agaiinst Malaria: Secundary School Eduardo Mondlane in Xai Xai, Secundary School Samora Machel in Chibuto, Secundary School of Chidenguele

April 2004

1 Workshop in Secundary School in Chibuto, Gaza Province, together with Peace Corps, creating positive messages in the fight against Malaria

March 2014

6 Workshops: 3 in Secundary Schools: 3 de Fevreiro, Eduardo Mondlane and SOS; 3 in the center of bairros: Chalambe 1, Muelé 1 and Malamboane, Inhampossa, during the project “Por uma cidade ainda mais limpa”, the 2nd part of awareness raising of waste issues, in collaboration with GIZ and municipality.

Recording of 6 -part radio program “Por uma cidade ainda mais limpa”

February 2014

Workshop in the secundary school of Chibuto, about prevention of Malaria, in collaboaration with Peace Corps

September 2013

3 Workshops in Emilia Dausse & CFM, Muelé and 12 de Agosto, Salela during preperation of Dia da limpeza da cidade de Inhambane”, in collaboration with GIZ and municipality

Dia da limpeza da cidade de Inhambane, in Tofo

August 2013

3 Workshops in Escola secundária Chókwe, Quisse Mavote, Zimpeto, Maputo and Escola Secundária Quissico, Zavala, Collaboration with APTA, PEPFAR

March 2013

3 Workshops in Escola Secundária SOS, Muelé, Preuniversitária Sagrada Familia, Maxixe, Collaboration with APTA, PEPFAR

December 2012

Presentation movie Bairro Josina Machel

Moving Positivo office to Bairro Muelé 3

November 2012

Project Canta e Reconta, promotion of literature, Quelimane

September 2012

Escola Secundária Emilia Dausse, Inhambane

July 2012

Beginning of Construction of Studio Bom Dia, Muelé 3

May 2012

Cinemameu Festival 3rd edition, Cine Teatro Tofo, Inhambane

November 2011

Workshop Escola Secundária de Salela, Collaboration with Xarxa Solidária

Opening of pre-school “Nyassanana”, Bairro Josina Machel, Inhambane, Collaboration with Xarxa Solidária

September and October 2011

Workshop Escola Secundária Tomás Nduda, Magola

Collaboration with UNICEF, Maxixe and Inhambane

Publication of “HIV-free generation”, workshop song collection of South African Positivo recordings

September 2011

Workshop Escola Secundária 20 de Setembro, Maxixe

Workshop Escola 1º de Maio, Chicuque

August 2011

Music Production Workshop in Casa Provincial de Cultura de Inhambane

July 2011

Workshop Community Center Friends Of Mutal, Bennde Mutale (South Africa)

Music Recording at Home Based Care, Bennde Mutale

Workshop Khamane Secundary School, Marapyane (South Africa)

Workshop at Sokisi Secundary School, Clare (South Africa)

May 2011

Workshop Sizwakele Highschool Embalenhle (South Africa)

Workshop Litjelembube Highschool Hartebeeskop (South Africa)

Cinemameu 2nd edition, Cine Teatro Tofo, Inhambane

April 2011

Workshop Hlanganani Highschool Edwaleni (South Africa)

Workshop Escola Secundário de Chambona

March 2011

Workshop Escola Secundária de Cumbana

Workshop Escola Secundária de Jangamo

December 2010

Workshop in Escola Secundária de Salela, Inhambane

Dia de Positivo 2010, Cidade de Inhambane

September and October 2010

Workshop in Escola Secundária Mabote

Collaboration with Olhos de Mundo in Vilankulo, Morrumbene & Inhambane

July 2010

Opening of the music studio and producer training center “Studio Bom Dia” in the Casa Provincial de Cultura de Inhambane

May 2010

Cinemameu 1st edition, Cinie Teatro Tofo, Inhambane

February 2010

Concerts of Banda Positivo in Marocco

Workshop in company Buzichelli, Casablanca, Marocco

December 2009

Dia de Positivo 2009, Cidade de Inhambane

September 2009

Workshop in Escola Secundária de Massinga

July 2009

Workshop in Cashew-nut factories in Macia, Manjacaze e Macuacua, Gaza

April 2009

“No Time”, 1st disc of Banda Positivo published

February 2009

Positivo & Cinemarena, Cabo Delgado

Workshop Escola Secundária Inharrime,

Workshop Escola Secundária Massinga

October 2008

Workshop Escola Secundária Muelé, Inhambane

September 2008 

WorkshopEscola Secundaria 7 de Abril, Chimoio

Workhop Escola Primaria Panga Panga, Gondola

August 2008

Collaboration with CARE International, SEED Project, Vilankulo

July 2008

Austrian Tour of Banda Positivo

June 2008

Workshop Escola Secundária Eduardo Mondlane, Inhambane

April 2008
POSITIVO-ALMA workshop on environmental matters

March 2008
Positivo tour in Swaziland and Maputo
Positivo – ALMA first collaboration in Tofo

January 2008
Banda Positivo appearance on STV`s program MUSIC BOX

November and December 2007
Touring Gaza and Maputo provinces with Cinemarena
Legalization of POSITIVO association
Creation of

October 2007
Production of the POSITIVO album ‘Ser um Positivo’ (16 songs)

September 2007
Workshops in Homoine and Maxixe

May and June 2007
Formation of the POSITIVO team in Inhambane
Opening of POSITIVO’s office

March and April 2007
Pilot Workshop Magunde
Test-shows in schools and public places