We are a new start up, community pre-school project, aiming to give pre-school eduction to children in remote areas of Inhambane, Mozambique.  The children come from local families in the area, which up until now did not have a pre-school within an affordable distance.  Because of this most families cannot afford to send their children to pre-schools further afield, so the children stay at home and miss out on pre-school eduction.

Even now that there is a local school, some of the families still cannot pay the whole monthly fee required.  The families know the value an education will bring to the future of their children and are keen for them to attend.

Our school aims to give them the best possible start to their education, with fun and informative classes.

Currently the kindergarten consists of 40 children between 2 – 6 years of age.  The current staff consist of a pedagogical director, two nursery teachers and a cook.
The project needs 1€ per child per day.
Therefore  we are kindly asking you to please support the project “Escolinha Nhassanana”.
The children would really appreciate your help.


Your contribution could be to support one or a number of children, a monetary donation to the school, or classroom materials that the nursery school “Nhassanana” needs.

  • Simple support for one child:           15€ per month
  • Complete sponsorship for one child:        25€ per month
  • Double sponsorship for two children:        50€ per month
  • Financial donation:            betterplace.org
  • Material donation:            please contact us


If you have any queries regarding the school, please contact us on:
● 00258 84 49 43 177 (Peter)
● petersander0@gmail.com

Escolinha Nhassanana on Facebook

Escolinha Nhassanana pdf-download

Escolinha Nhassanana Info, detailed (pdf, german)

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you

Together for the education of our children!