Escola Secundária SOS, Inhambane


Escola secundária de Muelé, Inhambane


Escolinha Nhassanana, Bairro Josina Machel, Inhambane


Projecto Bairro Josina Machel


Mulher vivendo com HIV

Uma mulher que vive com HIV num bairro que quase ninguem tem a coragem de mostrar asua cara para fazer esse tipo de depoimento, ela pelo contrario com ajuda da associaçao positivo vive a sua vida naturalmente e expressa o seu ponto de vista para acomunidade atravez da musica, nos eventos em que a boa gente de Catalunia apoia. Obrigado a Xarxa Solidaria


Big Boss Luis 19


Videoclip de Big Boss (Luís 19), filmado em Inhambane em 2010.
Produção Associação Positivo Moçambique e Cineclube d’Inhambane

Mabote 2010


Videoclip realizado na sequência de um workshop da Associação Positivo Moçambique em Mabote, Inhambane, em Outubro de 2010

Cumbana 2011


Jangamo 2011


Chambone 2011


Positivo Malawi Newsletter December 2012

positivo newsletter malawi 2012


Please check out news from our newest extension in Malawi….

Happy new year to all of you….


Lanzamento da semana na luta contra HIV/SIDA 2012

Obrigado Nina, obrigado toda malta do CNCS…. gostamos pelo convite no dia do lanzamento da semana na luto contra HIV/SIDA….


Canta e reconta: 2 weeks of literature and music

Today Sunday and time to rest: Yesterday we were still rocking on the final event of our 2 weeks project in Quelimane, Canta e reconta in partnership with the Italian organisation PMO (Progetto Mozambico ONLUS). During that time we composed and recorded more than 20 songs with a group of youngsters that won a small selection competition in the local library. We presented the songs live on the local radio and did a final event yesterday at the Campo Desportivo in Quelimane with a crowd of about 3000 people… We are very happy that the time was amazingly productive, including recordings in the Children’s Centro Nutricinal Nutrimundo. All the time helping and giving us great company and inspiration: the top boys and girls from Banda Tudulos, the local matadors of Afro Music…. Bless!!!..

…download the songs at

let us know posting your comments…



Canta e Reconta: Evento Final, Concerto no Campo Desportivo



Canta e Reconta: Choros with the children of NUTRIMUNDO


Canta e reconta: Dia 2 e 3 da gravação





Primeiro dia de gravação em Quelimane, CANTA e RECONTA





Poetry in Quelimane, Zambezia province

In the moment in Quelimane, Zambezia province, named after the mighty river flowing through southern Africa….. and theme of hundreds of reggae songs….
Helio and I are doing our work working for the project “Canta e Reconta”, promoting mozambican poetry and literature with the Italian Association PMO Progetto Mozambico Onlus. During last week, Helio has been created about 18 songs with the youth incorporating classic poems into actual songs. On Friday I took up the bus from Maxixe and during this week we will record these songs using our small mobile studio.

Yesterday we had our first feature on Radio Mocambique Zambezia, playing two songs and talking about the project, inviting the public for the final event on 24th of November…stay tuned






Positivo Inharrime “Tsuketan”


Positivo & UNICEF “Eu nao tenho medo de fazer o teste”, Inhambane & Maxixe 2012