HIV-AIDS is a major threat to people living in southern Africa.
HIV-AIDS is hard to fight for various reasons.
Our project focuses on discrimination.

As associated with “viral sex”, HIV-AIDS often means “shame”, “secrecy” and “silence”.
We create Music Workshops against HIV/AIDS with young Mozambicans all around Mozambique.
Through music, we want to break the silence.

Positivo are aware that when a group of adults enter a school under the title of HIV/AIDS activists, the target group (school pupils) will adopt certain behavioural norms. If the pupils believe the activists to be from a religious organisation they will talk expertly about the values of abstinence. Similarly, when confronted with a group of musician activists they are equally likely to talk about condoms and getting tested. Positivo want to avoid meaningless exchanges like this and focus on listening to the target group and understanding their thoughts and perceptions.

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