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Rap Riots in Inhambane

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Dear Positivos,
We are writing to tell the world about a musical revolution which began in Inhambane on 7th April 2009, at Cine teatro Tofo. 12 new young rappers took to the stage for the first time to express themselves in the first FSD ( French Social Development)  funded event at […]

Music from Chimoio 1

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Oi, pessoal; during our 2 weeks stay with AFRICARE in Chimoio we produced some pretty tunes, that you can download….

“Queremos viver“, which was recorded in the Escola Secundaria 7 de Abril, a wicked kwassa kwassa style with powerful message. The […]

Music from Chimoio 2

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There are 3 more songs which Positivo has recorded with the local artists: one with Lolo, talking about sex too early, another one with Nito (viraka), talking about the importance of the HIV test and last but not least with Ginho.

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Falar de sexo sem complexo

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Darren asked me if I could do a kind of Funk style for the song in Helen`s school. He searched his discography to put on some tracks of Gil Scott Heron which we enjoyed a lot. Brian Jackson`s flute gave us the rest.
As we don`t have flute players around in […]

Song Story “Eu nao tenho medo”

First conceived by Roland in March 2007, the original beat was brought to Mangunde a few days later to start POSITIVO’s pilot workshop. In the morning, participants wrote lyrics by studying collected answers to the question ‘Why are you afraid to pass the test ?’. A group of singers directed by Helio created the main melody, […]

Music styles of Homoine and Maxixe

Music arrangements were recorded and mixed by Roland Pickl and Helio D in Inhambane before and after the workshops. The song ‘Vamos-la’ is a hip-hop song. ‘Uma noite de prazer’ belongs to mozambican style Tsucuta, a mix of traditional Marrabente and Panza with RnB. The students themselves asked for this style of music. One girl […]

Maxixe return visit

On the 29th of september 2007, all of the Positivo team went back to Maxixe’s ‘Escola Secundaria 29 de setembro’. There was a big party for the school’s birthday. We officially launched the song ‘Uma noite de prazer’ in a classroom with all workshop participants. During the afternoon, students improvised dance shows and capoeira demonstrations. […]

Workshop in Maxixe

Positivo team arrived at 8 am in Maxixe’s ‘Escola Secundaria 29 de Setembro’. We set up the studio in a classroom and welcomed 40 participants for the workshop, mainly boys. Two teachers attended the first part of the workshop. After a few interviews and a short presentation of the project, HIV-AIDS participative education started. As […]

Workshop in Homoine

Positivo team arrived at 8 am in Homoine’s ‘Escola Secundaria 25 de Setembro’. We set up the studio in a classroom and welcomed 24 participants to the workshop, girls and boys being present in equal numbers (see the list of participants attached). After a short presentation of pupils and project, HIV-AIDS participative education started. Our […]

Concert and activist performance in Homoine

On Friday the 14th of September 2007, around 1.30 pm, Positivo team arrived in Homoine, met local authorities and set up the stage in the main square of the city. Homoine’s General Administrator warmly welcomed us :‘HIV-AIDS is a big problem in Homoine, the biggest obstacle being miscommunication between adults and children. I hope you […]

First visit in Maxixe

Before organising the workshop, we visited Maxixe’s ‘Escola Secundaria 29 de Setembro’ several times. On their last visit, Helio D and Roland Pickl were introduced to the pedagogical director, and presented the workshop to students in a classroom. They had a debate on HIV-AIDS, use of condoms and eventually music tastes in the school. A […]

First visit in Homoine

Roland Pickl and Darren Clark went to Homoine for the first time in august 2007. Ian Hefele from the USA Peace Corps introduced them to local authorities (Administration, Police, EDM, Community Radio Homoine, Hospital, school officials). Everybody showed interest and offered support to our project. The Performance was agreed to happen on the 14th of […]

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