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Mafalala Libre

Hello Positivos,

here comes a link in portuguese about our last concert in Maputo, on friday night.

Mafalala Libre Positivo Live

To come next in Positivo Galaxy :

– end of cinema course

– Salela workshop

– Bairro Josina Machel mother project draft

– music recording in BOM DIA Studio

– HIV prevention with cinema ‘as teias de aranha’ project with Promarte

– Cine-Teatro Tofo project 1 closing

– Noor & Marie D’Arenberg big thanks – kisses on mouth

Please stay with us and enjoy




Ola Positivos,

Internet & telephone cables exploded last saturday around Xai Xai, Mozambique, and we’ve been without proper telecommuncation means since. But that is not the reason why Positivo has not been writing, no. The reason is… POSITIVO IS BUSY.

Very busy. With our new car bought thanks to NOOR donation, POSITIVO started several new projects, including a long-term workshop in Salela segundary School, supported by Xarxa Solidaria from Spain…

… Including a 2 months research in a large community of 7 ‘bairros’, realized with the help of the community, Dr Tereza Pierre, students from England and proper POSITIVO funds.

… Including a crazy event with dancing contest, Big Boss concert & Skheme Kheme Concert – 2010 revelation from Babalaza event in may – recorded and filmed live in Cine-Teatro Tofo.

… Including the 2 first weeks of an intensive cinema course in Casa da cultura and Cine-Teatro Tofo, created by our new member Ico Costa, professional cinema director coming from Portugal and staying with us for 9 months.

… Including communitary help in mapping to organize electrical ressources, with the help of Pedro Blanc, professional arquitect helping the association since the beginning of the month.

… Including a very positive collaboration with Luis Simoes, amazing plastic artist and photograph coming also from Portugal, and staying around for 9 months.

… And including finally the inauguration of Studio BOM DIA, along with DATHONG Gallery in Casa da Cultura, through official visits and artistic performances, jam session and fashions shows, a beautiful event gathering all the artists from Inhambane in the same place, with a lot of positive energy.

so this is it. Pictures are coming to help. But the most important thing now is what will happen next. A HIV divulgation project with Promarte in Jangamu, and a POSITIVO concert in Mafalala Libre, Maputo, next friday from 23 o’clok !

We hope to see you there






Interview in “Der Standard” 21/06/2010

Here a link to the online magzine of the Austrian newspaper “Der Standard”. On 21st of June 2010 an interview with Roland was published talking about the latest activities of Positivo, showing also the music video of “Ser um positivo” of DJ Marcel from Beira (music by Max Kamenar and Helio D.), the video of the workshop in the Secundary School Eduardo Mondlane in Inhambane  and of one workshop in Manica province .





Hello Positivos, this crazy month of May finally ended in a beautiful way, with the successful Pembane Show for the comunity in Bairro Josina Machel, where  3.000 people came to see the Positivo band and the powerful local Marrabenta bands like SKEM KEM, that won a recording in the Bom Dia Studio (to happen in July). On the soccer fields you could also buy BBQ food and drinks, and watch the movies from Bitonga Diver Carlos on his big screen in front of the stage, listening to his comments in local dialect on how to care about the sea and our environment. The concerts lasted until 4 in the morning.

On saturday, after Pembane Show, Positivo Band gave its best in Verdinho in Inhambane, for a great show before some of its members travel to Europe in june.

The week was also succesful with the recording of a cartoon soundtrack for the movie “The Change” of the Argentine Director Fabian Ribezzo  living in Maputo. As well as the active participation of Positivo in the organisation of national cultural days in Cine-Teatro Tofo, and finally an active participation on children’s day, 1st of june 2010.

Now comes a week to rest, gather forces and images before we go on with the rest of the program.

Força positivo








Hi Positivos,

This is very simple :

After Cinema Meu Festival great success last week-end (please check pics in the gallery), this week-end promises even more intensity.

On Friday, the 21st, first and UNIQUE concert in Tofo from original POSITIVO band since they came back from Morocco.
Entrance fee : 100 MTN.

On Saturday, the 22nd, PEMBANE SHOW, talent show for the comunity (and might include a positivo band concert, but that’s a secret) in Babalaza, on soccer field ‘Campo da Vitoria’. Entrance fee : 5 MTN.

And all the week, cinema in CINE-TEATRO TOFO. It started on tuesday with the movie ‘As Teias de Aranha’ from Mozambican Director Sol de Carvalho. This movie was shown to young potential ‘dinamizadores’ for a HIV prevention project with producer PROMARTE.
Then every day of the week is shown an angolan movie, ‘O Heroi’, relating the difficulties and adventures of a one-legged war hero after the war in Luanda.
On saturday, finally, Inhambane comunity will be able to watch the Champions League final on the big screen.
Entrance fees are actually mensal inscription fees to the Cine-Clube, 20 MTN for Mozambicans, 50 MTN for foreigners.

So this is a lot of stuff happening at the same time, we hope that we will see some of you at at least one of these events.

Keep positive




Ola Positivos,

After 1 year of regular movies and 1 cycle of Italian Cinema presented by Roberto last month, please come and enjoy the CINEMA MEU Festival on 14th, 15 and 16th of May, 2010, in CINE-TEATRO TOFO from Inhambane. Organized by Margarita, Umut & friends, & of course the POSITIVO team, sponsored by VSO, this first African Cinema Festival in Inhambane (for decades) will show a various range of african movies for all ages. Welcome to Inhambane, people !


POSITIVO LIVE IN DAKHLA – Free Download Live Album !

Hello Positivos,

Please feel FREE TO DOWNLOAD our new Live Album
on http://www.myspace.com/mozpositivo

And don’t forget to check videos of

Enjoy !


POSITIVO hugs from Inhambane

Hello Positivos,

Since we all came back from Morocco, things are going pretty well for the band and the association… Here come some news from last week :

On saturday, the 27th, the association successfully held its 3rd General Assembly.
On saturday, the 27th, band lead vocalist and association workshop leader Helio D celebrated his 27th aniversary.
On friday, the 26th, band guitarist and producer Mundungaze gave a Laka Laka concert in Tofo Beach.
On friday, the 26th, the brand new Live Video of Positivo in Dakhla Festival 2010 was shown on large screen in Verdinho’s, Inhambane, before a Vathuli Project concert where band saxophone Pierre actively blew his horn.
On thursday, the 25th, Mundungaze finished the isolation of the BOM DIA recording studio in Inhambane.
On  thursday, the 25th, Super Max recorded in BOM DIA studio the new song “Feel Relax” with Marcellina and Helio D.
On wednesday, the 24th, our calendar for end of Cine-Teatro Tofo Project was aproved by Frenh Cooperation, confirming the organization of 5 talent shows events in the cinema from  April to August, 2010.
Earlier in the week, Margarita confirmed the organization of cinema festival “Cinema Meu”
in Cine-Teatro Tofo on 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th of May, 2010
And… our new car has been running for more than 10 days now !
Even limited to Igreja Universal – Cine-Teatro Tofo itinerary for now, we can call it a great success.

Of course, the other news are that Positivo is now very active on Youtube and Facebook.
Look out there for “Positivo Mozambique”, you will find us and all the
Live videos from our February Concert in Dakhla, Morocco.
The official DVD of the concert is beeing copied this week and will be available soon, for sale.

Thanks for your support
Keep positive


POSITIVO in Dakhla, Morocco


“Hello pessoal, here comes a message from Positivo live band touring Morocco in the moment. Friday the 26th we played at the Dakhla Festival Mer et Désert, south of Morocco, close to the Mauritanian border, with great success. Visit the website of Dakhla festival to find out about the line-up including Youss N’Dour and Tony Allen. Hospitality is great, the surf as well. We are proudly representing Mozambique, the only band from southern Africa. Positivo on Friday was powerful and weird. The desert is inspiring. Hope to come back next year to this outstanding marvellous and beautiful event of African music and the best surf and kite-surf in the world.” Mundungaze.


“Ola pessoal, POSITIVO fez maningue sucesso super total na semana passada em Dakhla, Marocco. O publico e os jornalistas nos receberam com entusiasmo e respeito, gostando especialmente da historia da bolacha (em francês). Também tomamos cha e cantamos em Arabe, o que ajudou. Agora estamos em Casablanca, onde tocamos na sexta-feira e no sabado. Um grande abraço a voces todos, e especialmente aqueles que nos ajudaram no ultimo momento. Força.” Pierre.


If you are in Morocco
watch POSITIVO on TV 2M, 30 minutes interview + concert extracts on Korsa program
watch POSITIVO on moroccon information channels
listen to POSITIVO interviews on Radio 2M, Radio Atlantic, Radio Aswat
read about POSITIVO in magazines Actuel, Tel Quel, and information newspapers
dance with POSITIVO in Casablanca, Tecnoparc, Boulevard Jam Session, on Friday the 5th of march

If you are in France
listen to POSITIVO interviews on France Inter

If you are in Africa
listen to POSITIVO interviews on RFI

If you are in Germany
listen to POSITIVO interviews on ARD

If you are anywhere
read about POSITIVO on Afrik.com

Check out more pictures in the gallery.
Check out Dakhla Festival Official Website
A video of the concert will be released soon.

We’re coming back to Mozambique on the 9th of March, and will have a big party a bit later.






Hello Positivos,

2010 starts really well for Positivo, since the band will play on 28th of February in Dakhla Festival,

2 workshops will be produced, 1 in a school from Dakhla on HIV-theme, 1 in Buzichelli Maroc, Casablanca, on the theme “security at the workplace”.

There will be a secret concert in Casablanca too, but the name of the place will be revealed later.

If some of you can come, we’ll make space inside our tent and you will surely have a lot of fun along with Mundungaze, Crazy African, Philippe Terence and The Negers.

And as good news never come alone, CONGRATULATIONS  and LONG POSITIVE ROCK N’ROLL LIFE ! to our main singer and workshop leader, to his great wife and to the newly-born little Positivo, Alexandre, in Barcelona.

Happy 2010




Hello Positivos,

You won’t believe how beautiful Positivo Day was this year, on saturday the 28th of November, from 10 am until 11.30 pm under the sun of Inhambane, Mozambique, until you see our pictures in the gallery. Here was the program :

10 am – 1 pm : Installation of Positivo Stage and VIP cage between Casa da Cultura and Cine-Teatro Tofo with the help of all positivos. Group arrivals from Inharrime, Massinga, Inhacoongo.

Read more…

Positivo finally in Massinga !

Hello Positivos,

We finally went back to Massinga School in October this year, where 500 students attended a powerful concert – thanks to the pedagogical director of the school, who managed to get all the kids together and even chairs for  them to sit down.

All right, apart from the little “Lyzza James Like” moment our main singer had trying to communicate his joy through a telephone and a microphone at the same time (we will forgive him next year), the show was a great success. Why ? How ? Check the pictures in the Gallery (Positivo 2009/Massinga/Massinga last visit) and read what follows.

We arrived at 13.30 and set up the equipment on the sport field.

Read more…

Positivo Postcard August 2009


POSITIVO back from Manjacaze

Yes we’re back, one day earlier than planned since the recording went very well on saturday. The Manjacaze song will be a Marrabenta. Note that we visited the Macuacua factory for the first time, and gave 2 interviews to Radio Moçambique and Radio Xai Xai about workshops and music album NO TIME. Manjacaze hotel has the best plastic burgers and the best TV programs since on friday night they broadcast Positivo live in Gil Vicente straight inside your room !

Keep positive

Positivo Photo Album Mudungaze

check out some of the nicest shots of the Positivo Movement from 2007-2009…..




Positivo Gallery

Manjacaze here we go

ok Positivos, no special allergy please, tomorrow we are leaving to Manjacaze for a first concert followed by a 2 days workshop in another cashew nut factory. Not without celebrating the newly-born cinema projection platform, of course, and certainly not without sending Helen a maximum of love.


Somebody has a TV ?

Hello Positivos, believe it or not, last friday’s concert in Maputo was a great success ! Was broadcasted live on national radio and will be shown on Miramar TV next friday. POSITIVO team will be out on the field in Mandjacaze that day, for another workshop in a second Cashew nut factory. So any POSITIVO in Mozambique who can record TV, please burn a tape or a disc for our collection, thank you. For those of you interested, you will also find pictures of Macia workshop + lyrics/report of the song “the sound of the cracking nut” in the gallery. Eventually, new brochures of the Association and the Band are now available online in portuguese, english and french. Enjoy !


Things go fast in small Positivo Galaxy. After 1 week workshop in Cashew nut factory in Macia, Association and Band got together in Maputo for the greatest concert of the year so far, broadcasted live on the radio and next week on TV. Yesterday the band rehearsed in a professional studio in Maputo and here come the news before concert : there will be 2 sets, 3 new songs and many people. Come with us and enjoy !

Gunduru Gombeni Theater in Cine-Teatro Tofo

On the 27th of June 2009, GUNDURU GOMBENI gave the first real theater show in 30 years in Cine-Teatro Tofo. LIKOLO LA HUKU, from Joao Marrime, tells the funny life and death of a man who could not stand giving anything to anybody, not even a little piece of chicken…