Cumbana Style


Hello Positivos,

2011 POSITIVO campaign started very strong with the release of new best PASSADA in Mozambique, the beautiful song ‘Cumbana vila livre’ written and sung by the students from Cumbana Secundary School at the beginning of march. It talks about undesired pregnancy, HIV prevention, transmission and discrimination. You can hear the music and see the video by clicking the following link :



Here come a little LOVE TREE to understand how we work with our Mozambican partners :


To listen to the song click below

Mabote – Vamos embora

And finally…. Mabote.

Mabote is a an isolated rural district in Inhambane province, 120 km from the nearest tarred road, and has been a target community for Positivo for some time. Thanks to the support of Bottletop, an innovative and dynamic charity from Britain, Positivo were able to decide where to work. Thanks to this the team went where other activists rarely reach.

The expanded team included a two man film crew, newly trained activists, a photographer and the regular workshop team. We camped under cashew trees for six days in the secondary school and ran an intensive programme. Thanks to all the teachers, students and people of Mabote for contributing to making this great song, with powerful messages about HIV. We hope you enjoy. Stay Positivo!!!


Mafana Vanga “ZÃO”

Winner of last year´s Positivo Kwaito-Contest Mafana Vanga recorded the following song in Studio Bom Dia in April 2010. He is not only very talented in singing and composing but also in producing and sound engineering. He is a fix element of the Studio Bom Dia technichan team. Thanks to him also for helping in the rehabilitation process in the Casa de Cultura in Inhambane (see here). Listen to the song on bottom of this post.


Cashewnut Factory Macuacua Songs

We recorded three songs in our last workshop in July in the province of Gaza….

in the first one “Vamos La” we want to thank Donkey Jockey for the inspiration….


Municipio, GTZ and Positivo in Inhambane

Recording two songs with the Municipality of Inhambane….


Manjacaze Marrabenta

One of the best songs recorded by Positivo…. thanks for the big fun…..


Cashewnut Factory Macia Roots Reggae

First of three workshops in July 2009 in  the Province of Gaza. We recorded a Reggae playback, the voices are a bit weird… it was Sunday afternoon when we recorded, the only free day for the workers, imagine what state they were in…Cheers….


Recording with Big Boss in Studio Bom Dia, Inhambane

Number One Marrabenta Artist from Inhambane,  winner of Positivo’s Marrabenta Contest 2009

Listen to the music below….

Atchi Vikelo – Muele, Inhambane

as recorded in the school of Muele in Inhambane……


Sukata Inharrime

Positivo Workshop in Inharrime recording the song “Sukata”


CACHES – Criancas artistas em combate ao HIV/SIDA

Nossa visita na provincia de Gaza visitamos a localidade Chicumbane, onde situa-se a sede das CACHES… gravamos duas musicas com as criancas… aqui uma….


Paolo Vumo – Amor

Vindo de Beira, estudando na escola ESHTI em Inhambane, grande compositor e cantor … Paolo Vumo, com uma musica “Amor”…..


Kwait Contest Jingle

The Radio Publicity for the Positivo Kwait Dance Contest in the Cine Teatro Tofo….


Scoitt Danger

The first winner of Positivo’s Hip-Hop and Rap Contest…..



The second winner of Positivo’s Hip-Hop and Rap Contest…..


Realizada by Marcelina de Muxungue

Visitou-nos Marcelina, cantora do primeiro workshop em Mangunde…. Gravamos essa musica que foi inspirada pela visita de Positivo em Mangunde….


Jingle CinemArena


Hip Hop contest jingle

The radio jingle for the Hip Hop Contest an the 7th of April, Dia da mulher, in the Cine Teatro Tofo in Inhambane

New song from Massinga

Here the new tune from Massinga… thanks to all the participants, the song is amazing !!!!


Music from Chimoio 1


Oi, pessoal; during our 2 weeks stay with AFRICARE in Chimoio we produced some pretty tunes, that you can download….

  • Queremos viver“, which was recorded in the Escola Secundaria 7 de Abril, a wicked kwassa kwassa style with powerful message. The children sing about their future and the obstacles to achieve their dreams. Sex abuse, violation and infection with HIV were some of the reasons, given by the participants.
  • Respeite teu corpo” was recorded in the Escola Primaria Panga Panga in Gondola, 15 km from Chimoio. It was our first attempt to work with Primary School children discussing HIV messages. The participants explain the ways in which you can become infected with HIV and the ways that you cannot get infected; as we know there is a lot of misinformation: many Mozambicans think that just touching an HIV infected person would infect them as well, or using the same towel or clothes. Also mosquitos are considered as potential HIV carriers of HIV infection. This song attempts to dispell the misinformation.