Por uma cidade ainda mais limpa pt.2


In  March 2014 we continued our awareness program dealing with the city´s waste situation. The project was funded by GIZ. We recorded 6 songs in 3 schools and 3 different parts (bairros) of Inhambane. We did events presenting our songs in all the places and produced a theater program, as well as a video documentary about seperation of solid waste and producing compost.


All combined together created a 6-part radio program that is transmitted in 3 different radio stations in Maxixe and Inhambane. The program contains interviews with experts and citizens of Inhambane, theater sketches and music produced during the month.


Please click on the players below to hear the first 3 parts of the radio program we recorded.


Por uma cidade ainda mais limpa pt.2

Click on the players below to hear the 4th to 6th part of the radio program

Por uma cidade ainda mais limpa pt. 2

Click on the players below to listen to the 3 songs we recorded in 3 schools (Eduardo Mondlane, SOS and 3 de Fevreiro)


Por uma cidade ainda mais limpa pt. 2

Click on the players below to listen to the songs we recorded in 3 bairros in Inhambane (Chalambe 1, Muelé 1 and Malemboane)


Quissico, Zavala – Vamos nos prevenir

Coming home from Maputo to Inhambane province is a revelation.

Within 2 days we organized a group from school to work with, did HIV sensibilisation, composed and recorded a song, painted a mural, gave interviews in the radio with the group and played on the timbila festival in front of thousands of people. Yeah, and in the morning of the first day we recorded Venâncio´s timbila group to have the Timbila sample on this fantastic tune….. Zavala rules !!!!

Click on the player below to listen to the track….




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Muelé – Não deita lixo no chão

Gangster hip hop from Muelé . Click on the Player below to listen to the song …


Emilia Dausse / CFM – Todos vamos reciclar o nosso lixo

This song was recorded with two schools in combination, Emilia Dausse and CFM, both in Inhambane. During the first phase of Dia da Limpeza da Cidade de Inhambane Project. Click on the player to listen to the song …



Chókwe – A vida é doce, meu amigo !!!

Afro House style from Gaza province. Recorded in the Secundary School of Chókwe in 2013 during our project with APTART… Click on the player below to listen !!!!



O lixo é problema de todos nos

This song was recorded with Escola 12 de Agosto in Salela, Inhambane. Keeping the city clean. For the Dia da limpeza da cidade de Inhambane 2013.

Featuring the unfinished Studio Bom Dia building. dusty beats …. click on the player below to listen…





Positivo 29 de Setembro 2011

Here the song we recorded in 29 de Setembro in Maxixe….


Positivo Magola, Tomas Nduda School

Here the song we recorded in Tomas Nduda school….


Positivo Chicuque

Here the song we recorded in Chicuque…


RnB Classic POSITIVO – Sosiki, SA.


“Luis, give me some RnB man ! What does it sound like today ?” Luis is doing a great job hiding himself behind the camera, but there is one fact about himself that he can’t hide any more : like so many teenage girls over the world, he listens to RnB. For an austrian music producer believing in Rhythm & Blues as a forever Rolling Stone, this is as disturbing as not having a compass on your carpet when lost in the bush for your Ramadan 5 o’clock pray.

At first, the main problem in Sosiki High School is the distance to the closest health centre of Bohlabela. So the brave nurse travels and talks to the kids and, with the help of Education Department coordinators, something is going on. The kids are RADS, young and smart and well educated. But as our Investigation showed earlier, many of their colleagues seem to be older and sexually active. So how will they manage to send a strong message to their older mates ? As always, the answer comes from the kids themselves : ‘We need a CLASSIC RnB !’

‘Loko uri nhonyana, pfala milenge. Loko uri mpfana, zipha buruku’. Something about closing legs and zipping pants… The song is powerful and relays the dominant message of abstinence in schools. But again and like in Marapyane, the kids wrote and sung a line about ‘protecting yourself’, and this is pretty realistic considering the situation. Sokisi Workshop was a great success especially in the last event, with the participation of the parents. It was also the last one of our 2011 POSITIVO campaign in South Africa. We must thank VSO and the United States Embassy in South Africa. We must thank the Education Department of Mpumalanga, who are focusing now on preparing our last secret event in December… shh… More news later.

Check out the PICS and the MUSIC : 110731 positivo orpan mix headphone Master2

Stay online and keep POSITIVE



Marapyane is not afraid of getting tested any more – DEEP HOUSE MUSIC POSITIVO


Michael Makube is the fastest Life Skills Educator ever, and his velocity might have something to do with that of the Deep House Beat especially produced for and recorded by his pupils from Khamane Secondary School in Marapyane, Mpumalanga province, July 2011.

In Marapyane, as a first surprise, Mr Makube presented his well educated students as so many good listeners, learners, participants carrying their own chairs, leaving cell phones out of class, knowing almost everything they needed about HIV and how it is transmitted… The RADS (Radical Different Spieces) program, recently implemented by the South African Ministry of Education, is obviously helping a lot to spread general knowledge about HIV.

But there was a second surprise and, in fact, a darker side to our investigation : only 23% of the students declared that they already passed the HIV test, which is the lowest rate ever in POSITIVO workshops history. The local Health Centre confirmed that information, explaining that people from the community, especially men, are afraid of taking the test.

So this is the song of some young students who have learned to overcome their fear. A Deep House Beat named ‘Changing your mind’ and sung in English, Zulu and Tswana. Presented to the school on last monday, the 25th of July. Sponsored by VSO adn the American Embassy in South Africa.


Listen to the music – we hope you will enjoy this beat as much as we had fun producing it.






“When you come back, you will have a proper drumset organized, and I will be your drummer.” One of the promises left to us by the strong and proud Vennda people of Bennde Mutale, northern border of the Krüger Park, when we left the place after having completed, last week, the wildest music workshop against HIV AIDS POSITIVO ever had the chance to produce in Africa.

Now we remember the mighty river flowing through the sacred hills covered with beautifully shaped and painted Vennda houses. We remember the biggest trees on earth, like so many goddesses planted head down into the rocky soil. The Hogo ceremony of an unique initiation ritual, songs of  young men in the night, roars of some unidentified beast, echoes of our batuks, guitars and horns in a natural heavenly-shaped amphitheater.

Now the kids and adults of Bennde Mutale, together, created and recorded a beautiful song called “Tsireledza” in the community centre ‘Friends of Mutale, directed by Vincent Mihers, under the supervision of chief family Siphuga, with the help of Home Based Care powerful ladies, and Erin Kaiser for logistics.

The song ‘Tsireledza’ talks about all means of prevention, whether fidelity, abstinence or condom. It also gives some good advise about how to live a positive life when you are HIV-positive.

you can check our pics HERE.

you can listen to the song here (the song was recorded, mixed and mastered in a provisory version using only a 8cm tall loudspeaker and headphones)

Until next week, stay positive.



This POSITIVO workshop was sponsored by the American Embassy program for Education in South Africa, in collaboration with Education Departments of Limpopo and Mpumalanga, and VSO.





POSITIVO EDWALENI, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa

Yebo Positivos,

Our mobile team is on the road in South Africa until the end of May, keeping you updated on Facebook, producing our results on this page.

So we recorded 4 songs yesterday, in pure SA choral style, Swati and Sotho languages, with the Kids Club from Hlanganani Highschool, and the help of Donald, Nhaba and Inocência from Desmond Tutu Centre for Leadership in White River.

Main themes were the use of condoms, confidence to resist to peer pressure, the necessity to have the HIV test and know your own status, what is HIV and how to live with it. Kids wanted to mix rap and choral style, which they did with great success. All the team is amazed by the talent of the group, their ability to construct harmony with voices in just a few minutes. Activities included Music, HIV Debates and HIV Education with the help of local nurse Vincent Maboi, an extremely well trained technician and facilitator, who kept the kids listening to him for 2 hours, and still we had to stop him. You can check the pictures :



Still to go : Final Event in Edwaleni with EYAKHO, Certificates CDs and Reports distribution.

To listen to the songs click below



Hello Positivos,

2011 POSITIVO campaign is going on with the release of the sweetest ROMANTICA in Mozambique, the candy piece of a song ‘Eu te amo’ (…) written and sung by the students from Chambone Secundary School during April. The song is a Love Declaration under the condition of using a condom, and the main singer singer is a young lady, the best POSITIVO new talent ever.  You can listen to the music and watch the video by clicking the following link :


This project was financed by PEPFAR, produced by POSITIVO in partnership with the Education authorities and the Health Centre of Maxixe district, plus our all time partner VSO.


Activities included Music, Theater with new POSITIVO theater group, Cinema with PROMARTE, HIV debates, HIV Education, Music Workshop, Pop video filming, and Final Event. POSITIVO distributed 100 CDs, 100 DVDs, 100 lyric reports, and 10 official local reports to students and partners. POSITIVO also offered 2 djembes to the students. We hope you enjoy the music, the pics and the video.

To listen to the song click below

Marrabenta Rock in Jangamo


Hello Positivos,

2011 POSITIVO campaign is going on very strong with the release of the first MARRABENTA ROCK in Mozambique, the fast-paced song ‘Nunca Desistir’ (Never giving up) written and sung by the students from Jangamo Secundary School at the end of march. It talks about everybody’s personal responsibility to fight HIV AIDS, testing and of course prevention. You can hear the music and see the video by clicking the following link :



To listen to the song click below