Positivo Interview in Austrian Radio OE1

Clicking on this link you will reach the web-blog of Ulla Ebner, an Austrian journalist who visited Mozambique in October. In Inhambane we invited her for a workshop we did in Maxixe´s 29 de Setembro Secundary School.

The Interview with Positivo members is available to read and to download by clicking on “DL” at the bottom of the article….


Interview in “Der Standard” 21/06/2010

Here a link to the online magzine of the Austrian newspaper “Der Standard”. On 21st of June 2010 an interview with Roland was published talking about the latest activities of Positivo, showing also the music video of “Ser um positivo” of DJ Marcel from Beira (music by Max Kamenar and Helio D.), the video of the workshop in the Secundary School Eduardo Mondlane in Inhambane  and of one workshop in Manica province .

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“Der Standard”-Interview about Positivo/Turbodeli Tour 2008 in Austria

Here the link to the online version of the Austrian newspaper “Der Satndard”….for those who understand German…

Camping in the rain on Northern border


Telephone interview – 2000 kms of distance… Roland, where are you ?

Hey, I am sitting in the tent right now!

No show tonight ?

Wait, I am closing the tent, many animals are coming in. It’s not easy to catch them. Everything fine, but it’s raining. It started to rain when we set up the screen.

What is the name of the place ?

Hey, so many animals are coming inside ! Ugly animals : spiders, scorpions and dangerous stuff. Ok the tent is closed now. We stay in a rural district. Inhambane looks like a commercial center compared to this. We are in Moçimboa da Praia, 200 kms north of Pemba, close to the Tanzanian border. The day before we played in a village called Quelimane, 18 kms from Moçimboa da Praia. Yesterday we played in a ‘bairro’ of Moçimboa and it started to rain after our show, so we came back today, but the rain got stronger and nothing happened.

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