Canta e reconta: 2 weeks of literature and music

Today Sunday and time to rest: Yesterday we were still rocking on the final event of our 2 weeks project in Quelimane, Canta e reconta in partnership with the Italian organisation PMO (Progetto Mozambico ONLUS). During that time we composed and recorded more than 20 songs with a group of youngsters that won a small selection competition in the local library. We presented the songs live on the local radio and did a final event yesterday at the Campo Desportivo in Quelimane with a crowd of about 3000 people… We are very happy that the time was amazingly productive, including recordings in the Children’s Centro Nutricinal Nutrimundo. All the time helping and giving us great company and inspiration: the top boys and girls from Banda Tudulos, the local matadors of Afro Music…. Bless!!!..

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