Marapyane is not afraid of getting tested any more – DEEP HOUSE MUSIC POSITIVO


Michael Makube is the fastest Life Skills Educator ever, and his velocity might have something to do with that of the Deep House Beat especially produced for and recorded by his pupils from Khamane Secondary School in Marapyane, Mpumalanga province, July 2011.

In Marapyane, as a first surprise, Mr Makube presented his well educated students as so many good listeners, learners, participants carrying their own chairs, leaving cell phones out of class, knowing almost everything they needed about HIV and how it is transmitted… The RADS (Radical Different Spieces) program, recently implemented by the South African Ministry of Education, is obviously helping a lot to spread general knowledge about HIV.

But there was a second surprise and, in fact, a darker side to our investigation : only 23% of the students declared that they already passed the HIV test, which is the lowest rate ever in POSITIVO workshops history. The local Health Centre confirmed that information, explaining that people from the community, especially men, are afraid of taking the test.

So this is the song of some young students who have learned to overcome their fear. A Deep House Beat named ‘Changing your mind’ and sung in English, Zulu and Tswana. Presented to the school on last monday, the 25th of July. Sponsored by VSO adn the American Embassy in South Africa.


Listen to the music – we hope you will enjoy this beat as much as we had fun producing it.



4 Responses to “Marapyane is not afraid of getting tested any more – DEEP HOUSE MUSIC POSITIVO”

  1. 1 Keageletse Mashau

    hi,i must say my high school is still the best. Look at what they are doing now empowering the NATION about this desease which is there and we see everyday. Well done to Mr. Makube i knew that he will still go on with the RADS group and i was one of it.
    Mr. Makube o fokotse speed sa gago le ge o driver you are always on a hurry.(IF THE CAP FITS PUT IN ON)

  2. 2 Lizzy Makgasha

    Big up to Khamane!! i am very proud of the school. It is the best, considerate, and supportive school i have known. Special thanks to Mr Makube and the RADS group, you guys are doing inspirational things and keep it up!! ..and i must say i miss my days at this school since it was my family away from home!!..

  3. 3 Lehlohonolo Tseke

    WOW! I am so proud of my high school…bigup KHS! It gives me great pleasure and honour to login on the internet and to my sprise see wonderful and inspirational thing about my school and ofcouse my home-town Marapyane…Special thanks to Mr. Mokoele the principal of Khamane and his team, Mr.Mashishi the life skills coordinator and most importantly my honourable mentor,uncle,friend and educator Mr. MM Makube… I am a proud unique product of Khamane and still am a memeber of the RADS!

    “Tell me and i’ll forget… Show me i may remember…but Involve me and I WILL UNDERSTAND”


  4. 4 Amos bokaba

    I’m proud to read about my school and my ex english teacher Mr makube.keep up the good job

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