“When you come back, you will have a proper drumset organized, and I will be your drummer.” One of the promises left to us by the strong and proud Vennda people of Bennde Mutale, northern border of the Krüger Park, when we left the place after having completed, last week, the wildest music workshop against HIV AIDS POSITIVO ever had the chance to produce in Africa.

Now we remember the mighty river flowing through the sacred hills covered with beautifully shaped and painted Vennda houses. We remember the biggest trees on earth, like so many goddesses planted head down into the rocky soil. The Hogo ceremony of an unique initiation ritual, songs of  young men in the night, roars of some unidentified beast, echoes of our batuks, guitars and horns in a natural heavenly-shaped amphitheater.

Now the kids and adults of Bennde Mutale, together, created and recorded a beautiful song called “Tsireledza” in the community centre ‘Friends of Mutale, directed by Vincent Mihers, under the supervision of chief family Siphuga, with the help of Home Based Care powerful ladies, and Erin Kaiser for logistics.

The song ‘Tsireledza’ talks about all means of prevention, whether fidelity, abstinence or condom. It also gives some good advise about how to live a positive life when you are HIV-positive.

you can check our pics HERE.

you can listen to the song here (the song was recorded, mixed and mastered in a provisory version using only a 8cm tall loudspeaker and headphones)

Until next week, stay positive.



This POSITIVO workshop was sponsored by the American Embassy program for Education in South Africa, in collaboration with Education Departments of Limpopo and Mpumalanga, and VSO.