Hello Positivos,

2011 POSITIVO campaign is going on with the release of the sweetest ROMANTICA in Mozambique, the candy piece of a song ‘Eu te amo’ (…) written and sung by the students from Chambone Secundary School during April. The song is a Love Declaration under the condition of using a condom, and the main singer singer is a young lady, the best POSITIVO new talent ever.  You can listen to the music and watch the video by clicking the following link :


This project was financed by PEPFAR, produced by POSITIVO in partnership with the Education authorities and the Health Centre of Maxixe district, plus our all time partner VSO.


Activities included Music, Theater with new POSITIVO theater group, Cinema with PROMARTE, HIV debates, HIV Education, Music Workshop, Pop video filming, and Final Event. POSITIVO distributed 100 CDs, 100 DVDs, 100 lyric reports, and 10 official local reports to students and partners. POSITIVO also offered 2 djembes to the students. We hope you enjoy the music, the pics and the video.

To listen to the song click below