Ola Positivos,

Internet & telephone cables exploded last saturday around Xai Xai, Mozambique, and we’ve been without proper telecommuncation means since. But that is not the reason why Positivo has not been writing, no. The reason is… POSITIVO IS BUSY.

Very busy. With our new car bought thanks to NOOR donation, POSITIVO started several new projects, including a long-term workshop in Salela segundary School, supported by Xarxa Solidaria from Spain…

… Including a 2 months research in a large community of 7 ‘bairros’, realized with the help of the community, Dr Tereza Pierre, students from England and proper POSITIVO funds.

… Including a crazy event with dancing contest, Big Boss concert & Skheme Kheme Concert – 2010 revelation from Babalaza event in may – recorded and filmed live in Cine-Teatro Tofo.

… Including the 2 first weeks of an intensive cinema course in Casa da cultura and Cine-Teatro Tofo, created by our new member Ico Costa, professional cinema director coming from Portugal and staying with us for 9 months.

… Including communitary help in mapping to organize electrical ressources, with the help of Pedro Blanc, professional arquitect helping the association since the beginning of the month.

… Including a very positive collaboration with Luis Simoes, amazing plastic artist and photograph coming also from Portugal, and staying around for 9 months.

… And including finally the inauguration of Studio BOM DIA, along with DATHONG Gallery in Casa da Cultura, through official visits and artistic performances, jam session and fashions shows, a beautiful event gathering all the artists from Inhambane in the same place, with a lot of positive energy.

so this is it. Pictures are coming to help. But the most important thing now is what will happen next. A HIV divulgation project with Promarte in Jangamu, and a POSITIVO concert in Mafalala Libre, Maputo, next friday from 23 o’clok !

We hope to see you there