Rap Riots in Inhambane


Dear Positivos,
We are writing to tell the world about a musical revolution which began in Inhambane on 7th April 2009, at Cine teatro Tofo. 12 new young rappers took to the stage for the first time to express themselves in the first FSD ( French Social Development)  funded event at the cinema here in the city. The day was Mozambican Women’s day and for the first time in years the cinema came alive with crowds of people to witness this unique Hip-Hop battle.


2 girls and 10 boys competed in various rounds from a-capella to rapping with the Positivo band over live instruments. After the first rounds the jury announced the draw for the final round, The hip-Hop Battle. In this round rappers were paired in duels, each having 30 seconds to rap against the other. The crowd went wild and Helio had difficulty seperating some of the winners.
Finally we were down to two rappers Scoitt Danger and Zunguza. Both rappers had amazed the audience throughout the evening with their rhymmes and now they faced each other in the final. Both rappers delighted the audience and the applause for each was tremendous. In the end, the first prize, a beautiful blue guitar, was given to Scoit danger. Both he and Zunguza won a day recording in the Positivo studio. Roland has already cut two tracks with them and they are HOT!!!

« Nunca vi o Cine-Teatro tao cheio, nem tao animado. Os jovens dizem que querem repetir a experiencia no proximo mês. Houve uma energia e uma creatividade exceptionais nesse evento. Nao sabia que existiam tantos talentos em Inhambane. Passei pessoalmente a publicidade nas ondas de Radio Moçambique, agora vou passar as entrevistas e anunciar ja o proximo evento. »
disse o correspondente POSITIVO em Radio Moçambique.
See you on the 16th !

4 Responses to “Rap Riots in Inhambane”

  1. 1 Yara Tibirica

    YEAHHHHH Sucesso total, parabéns pelo trabalho incrível, é isso aí transmissão de energia positiva para o mundo, vamos que vamos!

  2. 2 Roland Pickl

    Yara e a melhor, nao ha outra melhor

  3. 3 Yara Tibirica

    hahaha melhor o que? Positivo é melhor!!! Sou fãzona – energia incomparável! Alegria que vai mudar o mundo

  4. 4 Clare

    Wish i could have been there, this looks….amazing!!! Good work people!!soooooooo good! Hopefully I will be back soon !!x x x

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