Music from Chimoio 1

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Oi, pessoal; during our 2 weeks stay with AFRICARE in Chimoio we produced some pretty tunes, that you can download….

  • Queremos viver“, which was recorded in the Escola Secundaria 7 de Abril, a wicked kwassa kwassa style with powerful message. The children sing about their future and the obstacles to achieve their dreams. Sex abuse, violation and infection with HIV were some of the reasons, given by the participants.
  • Respeite teu corpo” was recorded in the Escola Primaria Panga Panga in Gondola, 15 km from Chimoio. It was our first attempt to work with Primary School children discussing HIV messages. The participants explain the ways in which you can become infected with HIV and the ways that you cannot get infected; as we know there is a lot of misinformation: many Mozambicans think that just touching an HIV infected person would infect them as well, or using the same towel or clothes. Also mosquitos are considered as potential HIV carriers of HIV infection. This song attempts to dispell the misinformation.


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