POSITIVO Workshop in Secondary School Eduardo Mondlane in Inhambane


Hello Positivos from the world,

Pupils from the Secondary School Eduardo Mondlane in Inhambane are glad to announce the formation of a new Positivo group in their school.

On sunday, the 8th of june 2008, 23 young students participated in a Positivo Workshop sponsored by PSI and VSO to produce a funky african song about sex communication inside the family.

Currently being mixed and mastered by Roland Pickl in BOM DIA Studios in Inhambane, the song will be presented to the whole school on wednesday, the 11th of june 2008, during a second Positivo concert.


On that occasion, a playback performance will be given by the 23 new Positivo members, among who new stars ‘MC Cota’, ‘MC Cebola’, ‘MC Tomato’ and ‘MC Janet’. Positivo warmly thanks all of them for their talent and high enthousiasm :

Tomas Eugenio Herlumene
Mauro Da Graça
Edson Dias Nhampossa
Jaime Pedro Maxaiere
Bibi Somar Magide Ussy
Elsa Carina Bernardo
Rui Flous Matusse
Mergildo Ricardo
Venancio Orlando
Ernosse Augusto
Osvaldo Carlos
Aurelia Angela
Nercia Antonio Nhamué
Naldo Mussa
Rito Gabriel
José Marcos Seleis
Manuela Humberto
Dalia Bartolomeu Malate
Deliciosa Cidalia Mateus
Tania Idaia Changue
Helio Graça Antonio
Ireth Litace Gonçalves
Isabel Ivone Magenha


and Positivo finally thanks our partner :


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