Positivo live in the Secondary School Eduardo Mondlane in Inhambane


Hello Positivos,

The band played a happy concert on last wednesday, the 4th of june, in Secondary School Eduardo Mondlane in Inhambane.

Up to 200 pupils danced and sang along from 3 pm until night with Helio, Roland, Pierre and Joao for the first part of a Workshop Program sponsored by our partner


After being warmed up by famous Positivo songs against HIV (‘Eu nao tenho medo’, ‘Uma noite de prazer’), students participated in improvised hip-hop style theater performances, dancing contests and singing games during almost 2 hours.

To prepare the workshop, the following question was asked to children and teenagers : ‘what would you like to hear from your parents about HIV?’ 67 answers were collected on papers and will be analysed next sunday by the workshop participants.

The event was filmed by Sangue Bom, with whom Positivo is working on new ideas for our next movies.

Positively yours,


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