General Assembly

Saturday 26th April ASSOCIAÇÃO POSITIVO MOÇAMBIQUE celebrated it’s inaugural Constitutional General Assembly. The meeting was attended by 20 members who approved the statutes of the association, ratified the financial and activity reports and elected members to the folowing positions:

Conselho Executivo (Executive Committee)

President – Darren Clark

Vice-President – Helio D Vanimal

Secretary – Pierre Dufloo

Treasurer – Helen Smith

Conselho Fiscal (Audit Committee)

President – Jeremy Gotwalls

Vice-President – Ghizlaine Zouhir

Secretary – Claudia Beldzik

This meeting celebrates the end of a long journey which began with Roland, Helio, Pierre, Helen and Darren trying to find a way of launchng the Positivo concept; using music for change.

Recently we received an official despatch from the Mozambican Minister of Justice, recognising the association. Together with this despatch and the minutes from the general assembly, Positivo are in a position to receive funds from the Mozambican national council for combating HIV/AIDS.

This is good news for the team, who are ready to go out and work with as many groups as we can, creating positive messages, and promoting understanding of important health issues.

The assembly also saw the launch of the World AIDS Day concert committee. Our aim is to organise a big concert on the first of December (World AIDS Day) celebrating a positive year of campaigning with all the groups we have worked with throughout the year. We hope to open up the event to include other NGOs, groups and artists who want to make a positive contribution to HIV/AIDS situation in Mozambique.