Maxixe return visit

On the 29th of september 2007, all of the Positivo team went back to Maxixe’s ‘Escola Secundaria 29 de setembro’. There was a big party for the school’s birthday. We officially launched the song ‘Uma noite de prazer’ in a classroom with all workshop participants. During the afternoon, students improvised dance shows and capoeira demonstrations. At the end of the day, Helio D and the 40 pupils forming Positivo group from Maxixe’s ‘Escola 29 de setembro’ presented the song through play-back performance to school officials, teachers and all students. As gifts, school officials received Positivo CDs with 3 songs (‘Uma noite de prazer’, ‘Vamos-la’, ‘Eu não tenho medo’). Dave Charley filmed the event. Students showed their emotion in interviews:

I listen to the song and I can not believe that we were recording for the first time’

‘This is a wonderful gift for the school’s birthday’

‘We never expected this. Singing in the workshop was hard sometimes but the result brings a great surprise’

‘As a singer, my dream is coming true’

‘I can not accept people saying that condoms bring diseases any more’

One girl who participated in the choir had sensitive words :

‘This was the first time in history my voice was recorded. I will never forget it. I often debate about HIV-AIDS and condoms with my friends. We never talk about this matter in church or with the elder ones. My religion does not accept the use of condoms. Positivo should come back. We want to meet other students from other schools, travel through the country with them, debate and record something together.’