After Homoine and Maxixe

During the days following Homoine and Maxixe’s workshops, we tested the two new Positivo songs ‘Vamos-la’ and ‘Uma noite de prazer’ in bars and discos. The more young people dance to the song, the more motivation we get. We also gave a few encouraging shows in different public places of Tofo Beach to test the reaction of locals and tourists.

Video presentations of Homoine and Maxixe projects are currently being produced in Inhambane by David Charley. We used two cameramen for the workshops. A 16-titles Positivo CD will be released in November, including 3 songs produced during workshops (‘Eu não tenho medo’, ‘Vamos-la’, ‘Uma noite de prazer’) and other Positivo songs meant to be performed live and adapted to HIV-themes. This CD will be used as a demonstration and fund-raising tool. The 3 songs issued from workshops (‘Eu não tenho medo’, ‘Vamos-la’, ‘Uma noite de prazer’) plus 1 song from the album (‘Sukulele’) will be presented to national television in the form of video clips.

In November, Positivo toured in Maputo and Gaza provinces with Cinema Arena (Italian Development Cooperation). 14 concert dates were planned between the 1st of November and the 7th of December. At the end of the year, Positivo gave concerts in Inhambane province. In January 2008, 4 workshops sponsored by the Clinton Foundation will be held in Nampula and Zambezia provinces. We are now looking for new partners to finance workshops in all Mozambican provinces for the whole 2008 year.