Workshop in Maxixe

Positivo team arrived at 8 am in Maxixe’s ‘Escola Secundaria 29 de Setembro’. We set up the studio in a classroom and welcomed 40 participants for the workshop, mainly boys. Two teachers attended the first part of the workshop. After a few interviews and a short presentation of the project, HIV-AIDS participative education started. As in Homoine, our method simply consisted in analysing together collected answers to the question ‘Why do we not use condoms?’ Children read answers, discussed and classified them by topics, already trying to find their own responses. This process lasted longer than in Homoine because of the higher number of answers and participants. 

Until 12 am, pupils were asked to form groups and write lyrics on selected topics. Inside the groups, organisation was free. As in Homoine, some pupils instinctively wrote a few lines and sang them to create choruses. Others preferred to write raps and show their texts afterwards. During the process, musical beats were continuously played in the background and simple writing techniques were provided. One student made an exclusive drawing about condoms and music.

Before and after lunch, the pupils’ lyrics and voices were tested and given to the classroom’s appreciation. Again, this process lasted longer than usual and the pupils were very excited. The best lyrics were selected and everybody got a chance to sing. As always in Positivo workshops, a few talents were discovered. Recording started at 3.30 pm and finished at 7 pm in an electric atmosphere.

Some lyrics of the song were spoken in Shit’swa under the supervision of João Marime. The workshop was filmed by a Mozambican cameraman from Inhambane. Helio D and Roland Pickl led the whole process. At the end of the day, pupils did not want to leave the room any more. They kept singing the new song ‘Uma noite de prazer’ over and over.