Concert and activist performance in Homoine

On Friday the 14th of September 2007, around 1.30 pm, Positivo team arrived in Homoine, met local authorities and set up the stage in the main square of the city. Homoine’s General Administrator warmly welcomed us :‘HIV-AIDS is a big problem in Homoine, the biggest obstacle being miscommunication between adults and children. I hope you will come and help us many times. Music can break taboos. Positivo should record a song in Shit’swa (local dialect) to make it understandable by everybody. If the message is right and the music makes people dance, anything can happen.’

Helio D and Roland Pickl had a guest musician for Homoine performance : João Marime, a famous Mozambican reggae singer and author from Inhambane, who provided equipment for the show, showed great interest in Positivo project and was our specialist in Shit’swa :

‘My grandfather translated the bible in shit’swa, João Marime said. I think Positivo project is powerful and I want to be part of it.’

After an improvised song (‘Shame will kill me’) for sound-check and an introduction by João Marime, Positivo band started the show. Helio D had ideas ready for improvised HIV-AIDS speeches between songs. The show lasted two hours. Several hundreds of children sang along the following program : 

  • Agora sou positivo – introduction song on the beat of Helio D’s most famous hit in Mozambique ‘Ja chegou Djovana’. All children recognised the beat and learned Positivo lyrics.
  • Usa-la – improvised song on the following theme : if you can not postpone sex, use a condom.
  • E o homem responsável – improvised song dealing with the reality that males control sexual acts and should respect women by assuming the responsibility of using condoms.
  • Children’s talk – distribution of papers and pens with this question : ‘Why do we not use condoms?’. Azulinhos de Homoine (Geração Biz activists) distributed papers and collected answers later.
  • Dance contest – young children and teenagers competing in dance and speeches against HIV-AIDS, winning Positivo CDs.
  • Azulinhos de Homoine – 2 songs about HIV-AIDS performed by a choral of young Geração Biz activists.
  • Para depois – improvised song on the possibility to postpone sex when youngsters lack information or don’t feel ready.
  • Não há razão de me esconder – song about people being embarassed about going to get condoms.
  • Se gostas da música – improvised song about children’s love of music, starring Spanish guest singer Isabel.
  • Vamos-la esperar o tempo certo – song about waiting for the perfect time to have sex.
  • Agora sou positivo – for children who missed the beginning of the concert, our introduction song again.
  • Workshop – explanation, conclusion and meeting arrangement with the community to record the chorus on the next day.
  • Nhabasse – 2 local rappers ending the show.

The performance was filmed by professional film-maker Dave Charley and ended at night. While packing equipment, we recorded a few reactions :

Ian Hefele : ‘I am glad everyone liked it and the General Administrator wants Positivo back. This kind of event gives children much fun, something to do and to think about for the next days.’

João Marime : ‘I feel very happy in my heart. There is harmony inside Positivo team. I especially liked improvised speeches and interactions with children between songs.’

Helio D : ‘After having won a Positivo CD, a little boy shouted to his friend : let’s go and have fun with this at home !’