August News

Just tomorrow the team is back together in full strength. Roland arrived in Moz in the second week of August, met Darren, Helen and Pierre and Hèlio called yesterday from Johannesburg and will be in Inhambane tomorrow…

In the meanwhile preperations and organisations run at their best. Our next workshop, following up the pilote project in Mangunde together with Dr. Meinhard Knitel, will take place from 14th to 16th September 2007 in a village not far from Inhambane called Homoine.

Darren and Roland visited the place one week ago to check out all the possibilities we have there, finding the square to perform the live show, talking to the authorities, finding electricity for the recording process and meeting the local radio stations.

Our video of the Mangunde thing, which was finally edited by Meinhard in the bush on an Apple laptop, gave us great possibilities and opened many doors.  For those who have not seen it until now, you can find it on the bottom of the page, thanks to Wolfi the great.

Yesterday we had a meeting with one counterpart of the Nucleo Nacional de Combate ao HIV, the national nucleus for fighting against HIV, in Inhambane. The reactions were impressive. As they perceive our workshop style as an extraordinary activity a cooperation is definetely coming up.

And it seems we have another great member on board of our thing:
Win, brother of Helen, has been touring Europe, mainly Portugal, in the last 20 years with his big truck carrying a massive Sound System to rock the place wherever he is at.

We are discussing how we bring the sound System to Moz and also Win himself as the best roadie that you can imagine. The best would be bringing it to Vienna and use the container for the studio equipment, the truck will not fit in, though.
Plans, to buy an old Bedford MJ 4×4 Army Truck in England and ship it to Moz….