Vídeoclip da Escola Secundária de Mabote


“É educando dos mais pequenos que garantimos uma sociedade sã”. Evento organizado pela Positivo a quando da Campanha Saber e Viver da FCM em Quissico

Positivo em Nicarágua. Emponderamento da rapariga

Positivo and Peace Corps, Escola Secundária de Chibuto

The project was financed by The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).

We are a dynamic and flexible bunch here at Positivo, like a snake that’s swallowed a firework.  We can twist in to new directions and explode onto the scene.

We were invited by Peace Corps to use the Positivo Methodology and apply it to a malaria music workshop with a HIV component.  This was to be the first time we had tackled a public health subject apart from HIV/AIDS.

This project we were also trialling a new partnership by working with on-site Peace Corps volunteers as focal points to coordinate with schools and local government prior to our arrival. 

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Embaixador da Alemanha visita a Associação POSITIVO em Inhambane


No dia 21.02.2014 o Embaixador da Alemanha em Moçambique visitou projectos de intervenção da Cooperação Alemã na Resposta Multisectorial ao HIV e SIDA  na Província de Inhambane. Em uma entrevista com a coordenação do Núcleo Provincial de Combate ao SIDA (NPCS) enfatizou-se a importância da descentralização da Resposta Nacional ao HIV e SIDA,um componente de intervenção da GIZ / UE no âmbito do desenvolvimento institucional das delegações provinciais e distritais.
A visita posterior à Associação POSITIVO Moçambique

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Por uma cidade ainda mais limpa pt.2


In  March 2014 we continued our awareness program dealing with the city´s waste situation. The project was funded by GIZ. We recorded 6 songs in 3 schools and 3 different parts (bairros) of Inhambane. We did events presenting our songs in all the places and produced a theater program, as well as a video documentary about seperation of solid waste and producing compost.


All combined together created a 6-part radio program that is transmitted in 3 different radio stations in Maxixe and Inhambane. The program contains interviews with experts and citizens of Inhambane, theater sketches and music produced during the month.


Please click on the players below to hear the first 3 parts of the radio program we recorded.


Por uma cidade ainda mais limpa pt.2

Click on the players below to hear the 4th to 6th part of the radio program

Por uma cidade ainda mais limpa pt. 2

Click on the players below to listen to the 3 songs we recorded in 3 schools (Eduardo Mondlane, SOS and 3 de Fevreiro)


Por uma cidade ainda mais limpa pt. 2

Click on the players below to listen to the songs we recorded in 3 bairros in Inhambane (Chalambe 1, Muelé 1 and Malemboane)


Quissico, Zavala – Vamos nos prevenir

Coming home from Maputo to Inhambane province is a revelation.

Within 2 days we organized a group from school to work with, did HIV sensibilisation, composed and recorded a song, painted a mural, gave interviews in the radio with the group and played on the timbila festival in front of thousands of people. Yeah, and in the morning of the first day we recorded Venâncio´s timbila group to have the Timbila sample on this fantastic tune….. Zavala rules !!!!

Click on the player below to listen to the track….




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Muelé – Não deita lixo no chão

Gangster hip hop from Muelé . Click on the Player below to listen to the song …


Maputo was tough – No song, but a story


The project was financed by The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan go AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)

Before sun rise, Positivo left Chokwé to travel to Maputo and the second workshop of the tour. 

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Emilia Dausse / CFM – Todos vamos reciclar o nosso lixo

This song was recorded with two schools in combination, Emilia Dausse and CFM, both in Inhambane. During the first phase of Dia da Limpeza da Cidade de Inhambane Project. Click on the player to listen to the song …



Positivo Chókwe – Eu quero viver mais


Chókwe – A vida é doce, meu amigo !!!

Afro House style from Gaza province. Recorded in the Secundary School of Chókwe in 2013 during our project with APTART… Click on the player below to listen !!!!



O lixo é problema de todos nos

This song was recorded with Escola 12 de Agosto in Salela, Inhambane. Keeping the city clean. For the Dia da limpeza da cidade de Inhambane 2013.

Featuring the unfinished Studio Bom Dia building. dusty beats …. click on the player below to listen…





The value of waste


Positivo Chibuto – Stop Malaria



The project is financed by The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). We are in the province of GAZA running music and painting workshops in Escola Secondaria de Chokwé. We will select 20 students to help paint a mural on a local primary school. The mural will incorporate 3 aspects, Peace, Mozambican Unity and HIV prevention. We will also select 20 students to be involved in music workshops. The themes of the music workshops are gender equality, the benefits of getting a HIV test and information about HIV prevention. The students will be involved in song writing, a music video and concerts. The concerts will effectively be interactive musical seminars, with HIV prevention messages for approximately 3000 school students. The finale of our project will be on Dia de Chokwé where the residents of the town will watch the students live performance and also get to the opportunity to debate with them about their mural.


Escola pre-universitária Sagrada Familia, Maxixe