Positivo and Peace Corps, Escola Secundária de Chibuto

The project was financed by The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).

We are a dynamic and flexible bunch here at Positivo, like a snake that’s swallowed a firework.  We can twist in to new directions and explode onto the scene.

We were invited by Peace Corps to use the Positivo Methodology and apply it to a malaria music workshop with a HIV component.  This was to be the first time we had tackled a public health subject apart from HIV/AIDS.

This project we were also trialling a new partnership by working with on-site Peace Corps volunteers as focal points to coordinate with schools and local government prior to our arrival. 

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Embaixador da Alemanha visita a Associação POSITIVO em Inhambane


No dia 21.02.2014 o Embaixador da Alemanha em Moçambique visitou projectos de intervenção da Cooperação Alemã na Resposta Multisectorial ao HIV e SIDA  na Província de Inhambane. Em uma entrevista com a coordenação do Núcleo Provincial de Combate ao SIDA (NPCS) enfatizou-se a importância da descentralização da Resposta Nacional ao HIV e SIDA,um componente de intervenção da GIZ / UE no âmbito do desenvolvimento institucional das delegações provinciais e distritais.
A visita posterior à Associação POSITIVO Moçambique

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Por uma cidade ainda mais limpa pt.2

teatro 2_result

In  March 2014 we continued our awareness program dealing with the city´s waste situation. The project was funded by GIZ. We recorded 6 songs in 3 schools and 3 different parts (bairros) of Inhambane. We did events presenting our songs in all the places and produced a theater program, as well as a video documentary about seperation of solid waste and producing compost.

muele 1_result
chalambe 1.2_result

All combined together created a 6-part radio program that is transmitted in 3 different radio stations in Maxixe and Inhambane. The program contains interviews with experts and citizens of Inhambane, theater sketches and music produced during the month.

3 de fevereiro 1_result

Please click on the players below to hear the first 3 parts of the radio program we recorded.


Por uma cidade ainda mais limpa pt.2

Click on the players below to hear the 4th to 6th part of the radio program